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Ken Matsuzaki

The very large charger with signed wooden box is currently available.

Large shino glazed charger.
8.5 cm (3.3 inches)
39.5 cm (15.6 inches)
Price: 950
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Note: The previous owner has applied a film to the foot ring to stop the charger scratching the surface that it is stood upon.

Ken Matsuzaki was born in Tokyo in 1950 and gained his love of crafts and especially ceramics from his father, who was an avid collector. After leaving school he went to study at the School of Fine Arts at Tamagawa University, from where many contemporary Japanese artists have gained their knowledge. There he majored in ceramics and upon graduating Matsuzaki went to work for the Mashiko Living National Treasure, Tatsuzo Shimaoka. He stayed there for five years before leaving to establish his own kiln in Mashiko in 1978. Matsuzaki named his kiln, Yu-Shin (Playful Spirit), and initially he produced work in the Mingei style but over the years has widen his repertoire. His work has been exhibited in most of the prestigious venues in Japan and around the world and in recent years has been seen here in the UK.