Harlequin Gallery



Dame Lucie Rie

(1902 - 1995)


Unfortunately we have none of Lucie Rie’s work available are this time

Elliptical bowl.
7.6 cm (3.0 inches)
15.0 cm by 13/0 cm (5.0 inches by 6.6 inches)


Lucie Rie was born in Vienna in 1902 and made her first pots there in 1923 after enrolling at the Wiener Werkstatte, where Michael Powolny was her teacher. She came to England in 1937 with her husband because of the worsening conditions in Austria and remained here until her death in 1995.

Although Lucie had something of a reputation for her pottery in Europe, this counted for nothing in England. Up until the end of the Second World War (don't mention the war) her pottery was largely confined to the production of buttons and hatpins but the meeting with Hans Coper in 1946 changed all this.

Coper was also a refugee and, although he had no pottery training, Lucie took him on as her assistant. It was really his encouragement that freed Lucie to make the pots that came naturally to her and helped her become one of the important figures in the world of art in the 20th century.

Much has been written about Lucie, which makes it rather pointless trying to summarize her life and work here. However, Ursula Mommens, who is also a featured Harlequin Gallery artist, recalls meeting her and regrets never taking up Lucie's invitation to go and visit her at her studio. Ursula states that someone told her that for visitors Lucie made "rather delicious cakes" and Ursula felt that Lucie "ought to spend her time making pots and not waste time making cakes" for her! Lucie may have done a little baking but did find time to leave behind a rich legacy of pottery for us to admire.