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Michael Leach

 1913 – 1985

Currently there is none of Michael’s work available.


 Stoneware vase with brush decoration.
Unusually with a personal seal as well as the Yelland seal.
Note: There are some undulations to the edge of the base
where the vase stuck to the kiln shelf during firing.
19.3 cm (7.6 inches)


Stoneware jug with impressed Yelland seal.
18.25 cm (7.2 inches)


  Michael Leach
, the second son of Bernard Leach, was born in Tokyo in 1913. As a child, Michael was able to watch Shoji Hamada and Tsuronosuke Matsubayashi, as well as his father and Michael Cardew pot at St. Ives. However, Michael initially went to university and taught biology before finally giving in to the urge to become a potter in the late 1930's.

After military service and helping to set up two potteries in Africa, Michael began teaching pottery at Penzance School of Art, where one of his pupils was Robin Welch. Michael also worked at the Leach Pottery but in 1955 left at around the same time as his brother, David.

Michael moved to North Devon where he bought a farmhouse near to Fremington, the site of the last of the traditional Devonshire potteries that had been run by the Fishley family. This he converted into the Yelland Pottery and continued to pot there until the early 1980's when ill health forced him to retire.

The pots produced were initially in earthenware but then stoneware and included both domestic ware and individual decorative pieces. The latter occasionally had Michael's personal seal as well as the Y mark for Yelland.

Sadly, Michael died before I became interested in Studio Pottery but since finding out about him and his work I have found it both honest and inspiring. I hope that you do too.