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Ray Finch

& the Winchcombe Pottery

Examples of work that are currently available

RAY FINCH salt-glazed Pilgrim bottle with personal seal mark.
18.5 cm (7.3 inches)
Price: £145

PAT GROOM earthenware jug in perfect condition c1954. Pottery and personal seals.
10.4 cm (4.1 inches)
Price: £40

SIDNEY TUSTIN slipware beaker in perfect condition. From the 1950s with personal and pottery seals.
8.6 cm (3.4 inches)
Price: £40

RAY FINCH Stoneware incised salt-glazed teabowl.
7.1 cm (2.8 inches)
10.4 cm (4.1 inches)
Price: £50

RAY FINCH Salt-glazed lidded pot.
14.75 cm (5.8 inches)
Price: £85

Ray Finch (1914 - 2012) joined Michael Cardew at the Winchcombe Pottery in 1936, after studying ceramics for a year at the Central School of Art in London. Cardew had opened the pottery in the village of Greet just outside the Cotswolds town of Winchcombe in 1926 on the site of a former country pottery and when Cardew moved to Wenford Bridge in 1939 he left Finch in charge at Winchcombe. Production at Winchcombe was interrupted by the war but soon after it re-opened in 1946 Ray purchased the business from Cardew and has remained there every since. In the early years all of the production was earthenware but in 1952 the first experiments using stoneware began and by the end of that decade earthenware was phased out.

In 1979 Ray’s son, Michael, took over running the pottery but Ray continued to produce some pots there until a few years ago when failing health resulted in his retirement.

Sadly, Ray passed away peacefully on 18th January 2012.