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Old Pots - Leach Pots

featuring pottery by Janet Leach, David Leach & Michael Leach plus Jeremy Leach (David's son), Philip Leach (Michael's son) and the Leach Pottery.


Sunday 28th January - Sunday 25th February 2001


Examples of work available at the Exhibition

Stoneware vase by Michael Leach with Yelland Pottery and personal seals. 26.5 cm. (10.5 inches) high.

Earthenware jug made by David Leach at the Lowerdown Pottery c1956. 25 cm. (10 inches) high.

Cut sided black stoneware vase made by Janet Leach at the Leach Pottery - 20 cm. (8 inches) high. For other examples of Janet's work in the exhibition please click on the vase above.


Stoneware cut sided teapot made by Jeremy Leach at the Mathilda Pottery in 1999.

The main feature of this exhibition will be work produced by Bernard Leach's two sons, David and Michael Leach, after they left their father's pottery in St. Ives in 1955 and Janet Leach after going to St. Ives in 1956.

David, who is 90 years old later this year continues to work at his Lowerdown Pottery in South Devon although understandably he is much less productive than he was. His brother, Michael, two years younger than David, died in 1985 having closed down his pottery in Yelland, North Devon a few years earlier.

Janet, who was Bernard Leach's third wife was born in Texas in 1918 and continued to run the Leach Pottery after Bernard's death until her own passing in 1997. One of the major potters of the last century, Janet was a potter in her own right before meeting Bernard, Hamada and Yanagi during their lecture tour of the States in 1952. She spent two years studying pottery in Japan under the guidance of Hamada as a consequence of this meeting and then came to England to marry Bernard in 1956. Although working with Bernard for many years her work was very different from anything he ever produced and marks her out as an important figure in the history of pottery making.

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