Peter Fitzgerald – stoneware sculpture

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Peter Fitzgerald, who is primarily a sculptor, has for much of his career used coiled stoneware as the medium to explore his fascination with heads and faces and I am delighted to include some his work in my mixed exhibition of ceramics that begins on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

Peter Fitzgerald - Bemused stoneware sculpture
Peter Fitzgerald – Bemused stoneware sculpture

Peter, who was born in London studied at the Central School of Art and then Camberwell School of Art where much of his time was devoted to painting. Before college his interests had been Cubism, Futurism and Vorticism and this interest in semi abstraction was reawakened after Camberwell by visits to the V&A and British Museum where he became increasingly aware of arts and crafts produced by non-European cultures. As Peter states, “Serendipity and the discovery of faces and heads by playing with colours, shapes and forms is the core of what I do. Put basically this is the ideas inherent in Synthetic Cubism. At first they appear abstract, but with closer viewing, the heads gradually become evident”.

Although Peter Fitzgerald wouldn’t ever consider himself a potter, he was drawn to using the very traditional material of clay which he coils to produce his forms, material and method dating back to some of prehistoric man’s earliest creations. Once fired, surface colour is applied to the sculpture in numerous layers with sanding back between them, a process that reveals the sculpture’s history.

Peter has only shown his work intermittently in the past, having concentrated on his teaching career. However, despite this he has exhibited in Berlin, Paris and the States, as well as in London with Anatol Orient in the 1980s.

Peter Fitzgerald stoneware sculptures. Shuffle (left) and Sideways Glance (right).
Peter Fitzgerald stoneware sculptures. Shuffle (left) and Sideways Glance (right).

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