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In his studio in 1984

Poh Chap Yeap

Items of Yeap’s work currently available.


Stoneware cut-sided tenmoku cylinder vase. Painted Yeap signature.
18.3 cm (7.2 inches)
PRICE: £225


Porcelain crystalline glazed vase. Incised Yeap signature
13.2 cm (5.2 inches)

Hare’s fur glaze porcelain bottle vase. Incised Yeap signature.
15.0 cm (5.9 inches)
Price: £160

Tenmoku glazed porcelain bottle vase. Incised Yeap signature.
11.7 cm (5.8 inches)
Price: £180

Poh Chap Yeap was the son of a Chinese family and was born in what is now Malaysia back in 1927. He came to England in 1948 to study law and it was not until the early 1960's that he discovered pottery when he went to visit his future parents-in-law in Denmark.

Back in England he went to evening classes to learn to pot and from there to the Hammersmith College of Art and then to the Royal College of Art, as a research student.

His work consisted of wheel thrown porcelain and stoneware in the Chinese tradition, including some with brushwork decoration, and he very quickly gained a considerable reputation. In fact during his career he was undoubtedly one of the major potters in this country, if not the world, and was regarded on an equal footing with Leach, Rie and Coper. In fact some of his work, although it was never on a large scale, was retailing for around £1000 at the height of his fame.

He became the first living potter to exhibit at the Ashmoleum Museum in Oxford and had many other exhibitions during the 1970's, including ones at the V&A Museum, London as well as in Tokyo, New York, Heidelberg and Faenza.

After the death of his wife in the early 1980's, Yeap began to lose interest in potting and finally stopped in 1986. At the time he did talk of returning to Malaysia but instead moved to a smaller property in Surrey where he remained happily retired until his death in August 2007*.

* Thanks to Tim Hayward for tracing this information