Portable Pillow

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“Portable Pillow” is an exhibition of woodfired work from the Bizen and Shigaraki kilns, being held at Troy Town Pottery in Hoxton, London N1 6SH. The Harlequin Gallery is holding the exhibition at Troy Town, in conjunction with the pottery and its director, Aaron Angell. Aaron is a sculptor, and his work is primarily ceramic based. This has led to his interest in Japanese woodfired pottery. Something that he wishes to share with the wider public. “Portable Pillow” opens at noon on Wednesday 16th November 2022.

Here’s Aaron’s description of the exhibition and how it will operate:

“Please join me next week for a very special exhibition of wood-fired ceramics from Bizen and Shigaraki kilns. Works from these rich and interesting ceramic traditions are not often seen in the UK, and represent a type of ware which is very influential on the aesthetic philosophy of Troy Town’s programmes. 

This short show will be open at Troy Town from the 16th-20th of November, we will be open from 12pm on the 16th, with a viewing 6-9pm that evening. The exhibition will then be open from 10-6pm on the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th.

All works are for sale, and you will be able to buy online or in person from 12pm on the 16th. All sales will directly support Troy Town and our programmes.”

Aaron Angell – Director, Troy Town

Much of the work on show has been sourced from the Harlequin Gallery, including a few items produced by American born potter, Eben Stewart. These were made in Bizen in the years after his apprenticeship there. I will be at the “Viewing” from 6pm until 9pm on the Wednesday, also occasionally throughout the exhibition. However, all sales will be handled by Aaron personally or via the web shop at Troy Town Shop (troy-town-shop.myshopify.com)

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