Welcome to the Spring 2018 exhibition

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It has been rather longer than planned since the last such notice but Friday 9th March at 11am sees the opening of the Harlequin Gallery Spring 2018 exhibition, featuring some recently acquired pots, a number of which are shown here.

Colin Pearson tall winged form.

Looking at the illustrations it does suggest that the exhibition will be lacking in more traditional work but be assured that this will not be the case and most of the regular names associated with the Harlequin Gallery will be represented too. However you will notice that the Spring 2018 exhibition includes individual vessels and earlier dishes by John Maltby that date from around 1973 up until the late 1980s.

John Maltby footed vessel from 1980s.

Alongside these I have also been fortunate to gather together a number of pieces of work by Alan Wallwork, which has become more and more difficult to obtain and there will be a strong selection of Japanese pottery to choose from too, consisting largely of chawan but with vases, yunomi and tokkuri as well.

Hopefully, the work illustrated will be sufficient to spark your interest and persuade you to make a trip to South East London to see these and all the other work on offer. You will note my opening hours on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th are from 11am until 5pm but I shall be around on Sunday 11th March to open by appointment too, so if you wish to come along on that day, I only need to be informed and given an approximate time. After that the exhibition will remain in situ and be open by appointment.

If you have not attending one of these exhibitions before then please contact the gallery by clicking on Contact form and I will be delighted to send you further details.
Finally, please note that no items will be sold before the exhibition opens.

Aki Moriuchi large weathered bowl.
Patrick Sargent wood-fired bottle and teabowl.
Alan Wallwork: Seed Heads and Indented Segment.
Alan Wallwork Split Oval forms made in 1999.
John Maltby individual dishes from the mid 1970s.
Kamei Masuru (b. 1933). Seto chawan with book decoration.

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  1. Neil Todd

    I wish I could be there but London to France is a little to far to come.The John Maltby pots look interesting as do the Patrick Sargent pieces.I look forward to seeing the exhibition on line.
    All the best,Neil

    • W X

      Hello Neil,
      Thank you for your interest.
      Because nothing is sold before the exhibition begins, I do not put the pots into the Recent Acquistitions section until then.