Summer 2018 Exhibition at the Harlequin Gallery

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Friday 27th July sees the start of the Harlequin Gallery Summer 2018 mixed exhibition, with a wide selection of both British and Japanese studio ceramics, together with the odd piece from elsewhere.

Sara Radstone large hand-built vessel form - Summer 2018
Sara Radstone large hand-built vessel form originally bought from her in the late 1980s.

In the last two years I have been fortunate to have been able to acquired several pieces of early work by Sara Radstone that have all found homes but I am delighted to be able to include the largest piece yet in this exhibition. It was originally purchased from Sara directly from the Arlingford Studios in S. W. London where she worked at the time. It has a maximum height of 52cm and is around 40cm at its widest.

A potter, who has been featured in Harlequin Gallery exhibitions for much longer than Sara is Poh Chap Yeap and because of the amount of his pots that I have been able to acquire over the years it has been possible to introduce the work of this fine artist, who was active for only a little over ten years, to numerous clients. These days it is getting more difficult to get examples of Yeap’s work and I am especially pleased to have some of his tenmoku pots in this exhibition, as I personally think these are his finest work.

Poh Chap Yeap tenmoku platter and footed bowl - Summer 2018
Poh Chap Yeap (1927 – 2007) tenmoku platter and footed bowl.

The Summer 2018 exhibition will include work by two of the earliest studio potters working in England, namely Denise Wren and William Staite Murray, but there will also be recent work from Jane Cairns, whose work I have featured regularly over recent years. Jane’s studio is on the bank of the Thames not too far away from the Harlequin and a small feature of the work included and her influences can be found HERE.

Although the majority of the work in the Summer 2018 exhibition will be British studio pottery, I have included an example of the work of American potter Jeff Shapiro, who gained much of his knowledge during the nine years that he was a resident in Japan between 1973 and 1981. This links very well with the examples of Bizen Pottery from Japan that are also in the exhibition and are discussed HERE. There will also be other Japanese pottery on show, including the fine Oni-Hagi cut-foot chawan by the elder statesman of Hagi pottery, Shibuya Deishi that is shown below.


The exhibition will be open from

11am until 5pm on Friday 27th July

11am until 5pm on Saturday 28th July

By appointment between 11am and 5pm on Sunday 29th July

and then by appointment until and including Saturday 26th August. If you have visit previously then please just turn up on the Friday or Saturday. However, if you need directions or wish to make a specific appointment then please use the CONTACT PAGE. I look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks.

Jeff Shapiro wood-fired handled bowl - Summer 2018
Jeff Shapiro (USA) wood-fired handled bowl.
Shibuya Deishi Oni-Hagi chawan - Sumer 2018
Shibuya Deishi Oni-Hagi chawan with signed wooded box.
John Maltby teabowl - Summer 2018
John Maltby teabowl from the early 1980s.


Janet Leach black stoneware - Summer 2018
Janet Leach black stoneware.
Denise Wren handled bottle - Summer 2018
Denise Wren (1891 – 1979) handled bottle.
William Staite Murray bowl - Summer 2018
William Staite Murray (1881 – 1962) bowl.

  1. Joe Jansen

    The Sarah Radstone form reminds me of Aki Moriachi’s work. Impressive! Your shows are great. Always a variety of high quality work from top artists, which never fails to impress. Thanks John