Summer 2019 Exhibition

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Alan Wallwork tall female form

The second Harlequin Gallery exhibition of the year is the Summer 2019 exhibition that begins at 11am on Friday 28th June and will continue until the end of August. As usual it will contain a variety of British and Japanese pottery both recent and old but with perhaps a greater emphasis on Japanese ceramics than is usual. Having said that the exhibition does contain a wide variety of British made ceramics, with a significant selection of work by Alan Wallwork, as well as numerous pots by American born, Janet Leach.

The Japanese work in the Summer exhibition 2019 has pots in a wide variety of styles but it will feature the examples shown below of Shigaraki pottery by Hide Fujimoto. Fujimoto san built his kiln in the Kumoi area in Shigaraki and creates ceramics inspired by the power of soil, of fire and of other nature energies. For more information about him and his work you can visit his website at . Information there is in Japanese as well as in English, which I assisted in editing.

The exhibition will be open from

11am until 5pm on Friday 28th June

11am until 5pm on Saturday 29th June

By appointment between 11am and 5pm on Sunday 30th June

and then by appointment until and including Saturday 24th August. If you have visit previously then please just turn up on the Friday or Saturday. However, if you need directions or wish to make a specific appointment then please use the CONTACT PAGE. I look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks.

Hide Fujimoto wood-fired Shigaraki pottery

Below is some of the work destined for the Summer exhibition 2019. Clockwise from the Asraf Hanna sculptural vase is shown a group of Janet Leach pots, two Joanna Constantinidis porcelain footed bowls, Sandy Brown plates from the late 1980s, more pieces by Alan Wallwork, a Lisa Hammond Buddhist bowl and a signed and boxed porcelain vase by Ryoji Koie.