The Summer Exhibition – 4th August 2017

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Not to be confused with the other Summer Exhibition taking place in the Capital, I believe my latest exhibition that opens on Friday 4th August at 11am will have something to offer all of you. Those of you, who are already on the mailing list will be receiving invitations, but if you are not on that list and would like to be then please use the contact form on the website and I will be delight to add your details.

Sara Radstone vessel form from the early 1990s.
Sara Radstone vessel form from the early 1990s.
David Leach vase - Summer exhibition 2017
David Leach tall stoneware vase.

The exhibition includes three hand-built sculptural vessel forms from the early 1990s by Sara Radstone, including the one illustrated, that I feel very pleased to have acquired. Sara’s pieces have moved away from this type of work over the years but I continue to admire her work. Although it might be seen by some as rather barren and introvert, to me I have always found it has great depth, which reveals something new whenever looked at. She will be the subject of a major exhibition at CoCA in York later in the year, which I am sure will focus more attention on this significant talent.

William Marshall hakeme bowl and brush decorated guinomi.
William Marshall hakeme bowl and brush decorated guinomi.

More central to the type of work that the Harlequin is known for the Summer exhibition will offer a significant selection of work by David Leach and Bill Marshall. Bill is probably my favourite potter if I had to choose just one and it always delights me when I have work of his to offer. In association with this, I will be exhibiting a few pieces by Bernard Leach and other potters associated with the Leach Pottery. Although not illustrated here, there will be a small selection of recently acquired work by Ursula Mommens, including brush decorated examples. You will also note that I have examples of Poh Chap Yeap’s pottery available, including those shown here. There will also be at least two other sculptural pieces by John Maltby, as well as the one illustrated.

Poh Chap Yeap porcelain bowl and stoneware vase.
Poh Chap Yeap porcelain bowl & stoneware vase.
John Maltby - Angel bearing gifts
John Maltby – Angel bearing gifts.

Japanese ceramics will feature in the Summer exhibition and a visit to my cellar revealed several long forgotten items that will be on display in the Bargain section that has become a popular feature of my recent shows.

Shoho Suda (1885 - 1974) boxed hakeme kashiki.
Shoho Suda (1885 – 1974) boxed hakeme kashiki.

Hopefully, the selection and variety that I have highlighted and illustrated are sufficient to spark your interest and persuade toy to come to South East London to see these and all the other work on offer. You will note my opening hours on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th are 11am until 5pm. After that the exhibition will remain in situ and be open by appointment until Saturday 2nd September.