Portable Pillow

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“Portable Pillow” is an exhibition of woodfired work from the Bizen and Shigaraki kilns, being held at Troy Town Pottery in Hoxton, London N1 6SH. The Harlequin Gallery is holding the exhibition at Troy Town, in conjunction with the pottery … Continued

Hajimu Kato

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Hajimu Kato was born in Shigaraki in 1946 and his fantastic wood-fired pottery is some of the best that the Harlequin Gallery has shown throughout its existence. His family’s business was one of the major commercial companies producing Shigaraki pottery … Continued

Patrick Sargent wood-firing potter

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Patrick Sargent was the first modern wood-firing potter, inspired by the ancient techniques of Japan and especially those of Shigaraki, that came to my attention. I have to admit that when I first saw his work I wasn’t immediately impressed, … Continued