Into Autumn 2019

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Patrick Sargent items from a selection

    I am delighted to have managed to curate three exhibitions at the Harlequin Gallery this year, with this one beginning of Friday 27th September the last of the series. Being Autumn 2019 reminds me that, as someone that specialises in selling pottery associated with the 20th century, we will soon be entering the second decade of the 21st century. However, I do believe that the pottery that I sell is timeless and continues to appeal and hope that you agree.

All of the exhibitions I stage these days are an eclectic mixture of new and old work but I have included a specially curated wood-fired section this time out. This includes a selection of work by Patrick Sargent, as the image here indicates. To my mine Patrick was the first modern wood-firing potter and a small piece that I wrote about him a few years ago can be found on this website at 

Shigaraki chawan by Ryuzan Yamamoto II

Japanese wood-fired work will also be on offer during Autumn 2019, including the Shigaraki chawan by Ryuzan Yamamoto II shown, as will be a small section of recent work by Brigitte Colleaux, who might be a new name to you. Brigitte was a regular visitor to the Harlequin Gallery, as a customer in the Greenwich days, and originally trained with Ray Silverman and Lisa Hammond before becoming a full-time potter in 2014. Today her studio is nearby in SE18 but these pots are all wood-fired at the Kigbeare kiln in Devon, where she has been part of the team assembled by Svend Bayer for the kiln project there.

Wood-fired pots by Brigitte Colleaux

   One of the saddest pieces of recent news in the studio pottery world is that Richard Batterham appears to have been forced to give up potting. I had planned to visit him this year to buy some work but instead have accumulated a selection of older work to include in this show.

Again there is a small piece I wrote about Richard 3 years ago on this web site at

Richard Batterham pots from a selction available.

Although I am unable to show all the work included in the Autumn 2019 exhibition, I hope that the images below will give you a flavour of what you might see, if you come along.

The exhibition will be open from:

11am until 5pm on Friday 27th September

11am until 5pm on Saturday 28th September

By appointment between 11am and 5pm on Sunday 29th September

and then by appointment until Sunday 22nd December. If you have visit previously then please just turn up on the Friday or Saturday. However, if you need directions or wish to make a specific appointment then please use the CONTACT PAGE. I look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks.

Ceramics above from top left clockwise: John Maltby 42 cm slab vessel, Jim Malone hakeme teabowl with brushwork, Chuck Schwartz chawan, large stoneware vase by Malcolm Pepper, Seizan Nagaoka red glazed Tobe chawan and a blue glazed footed bowl by Percy Brown, pupil of Staite Murray.